Homeless not Hopeless (Sep 2018 -May 2019)

Where is home?” Everyone wants a warm home, but we can see there are quite a lot homeless people in Hong Kong. According to the figure of “Homeless Outreach Population Estimation Hong Kong 2015”, there are around 1614 homeless people in Hong Kong and the trend is increasing. SCI/NUCLEUS has worked with The Street Sleepers … Continue Reading →

Elderly Home Visit (23-03-2019)

There is an old saying, “having an elderly at home is like having a treasure.” When was the last time you reach out to these “treasure”?

SCI/NUCLEUS worked with Heart-to-Heart Life Education Foundation to organize an elderly home visit. The visit was held in H.K.S.K.H. Home of Loving Care for the Elderly, having yoga exercise … Continue Reading →

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