About Us

In Spring 2015, the School established the social service team SCI/NUCLEUS and mobilize a group of students as Social Leaders to drive the team. The mission of SCI/NUCLEUS is to build a close network among Science students, alumni and staff who are with passion for serving the community together.

Highlights of SCI/NUCLEUS:
– All Science students, alumni and staff are welcomed
– Lifelong membership is given once joined
– Each year, a group of passionate Social Leaders are recruited as executive committee to lead the team with support from the School
– Members can check on records of activities and hours served
– Gathering activities such as parties, award presentation ceremonies, showcase and sharing events are organized
– The top ten achievers and the Best Social Leader are awarded annually

Social Leaders:
– Current students who demonstrate strong leadership skills and sense of responsibility may apply for the position of Social Leaders, effective for one academic year.
– Social Leaders will prepare the year plan of activities.
– Social Leaders will take initiative in bonding with external organizations, securing more opportunities to our members and motivating them.
– Outstanding members and leaders will receive a certificate issued by the School of Science as a recognition of their contribution to the society

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